How to clear windscreen mist

How to clear windscreen mist. Image sourced from : ID 30357797 © Laurentiu Nica |
Exclusive image: ID 30357797 © Laurentiu Nica |

Have you ever struggled to clear windscreen mist?

It has been a while since I last blogged about my car. You might remember that I was having a problem demisting the windscreen.That problem never went away but as I changed my car, I hoped I had seen the last of it.

Everything went well for the first few months with my new car. But, once the cold weather set in, it wasn’t too long before I rediscovered the horrors of fog — a wet mist on the inside of the windscreen that even froze once or twice while I was defrosting the outside.

I finally figured out that it seems to be the air conditioning that causes the problem. The trick that works for me is to turn off the air conditioning and  give the windscreen a blast of cold air from the blower before turning on the heat.

I am not quite sure why this works but I am fairly sure that having the air conditioning turned on makes the problem worse — at least in my car. So far the lowest temperature I have had to contend with was 2° but snow is promised this week and time will tell if this remedy to clear windscreen mist continues to work.