How to Reset a Microwave Clock

My microwave clock had been stuck on the wrong time for about 2 years so I was desperate to reset my it.  It’s a Sanyo 800 watt grill microwave with an extremely annoying beep. It sits in the corner of the kitchen where the green light on the clock is visible to all and sundry. In fact, when it’s working, the microwave clock is the only visible clock in the kitchen.

I was used to the microwave clock being an hour fast or slow depending on the time of year. When the clocks went back or forward, it would go in or out of time accordingly. I could live with that. An hour is an easy mental adjustment.

But things went seriously awry during a power cut. The power went down and the microwave clock went out. When it came back on, it was well out of time and that’s the way it stayed. Until now. Turns out it’s a pretty straightforward process to reset the microwave clock once you know the magic combination of buttons to press.

How to Reset your Microwave Clock

Drum roll as I now reveal the secret to my success on the Sanyo:

  • Press Clock
  • Press Cancel
  • Use the Seconds button to set the minutes
  • Use the Minute and/or 10 minute button to set the hour (e.g. 1minute+10minutes=11 hours)
  • Press Clock again

And you’re done.

So pleased with myself am I, that I even made a little Youtube video to illustrate how to reset the microwave clock.

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