Plus Size Tights at Tights Department

It’s hard to find plus size tights in anything other than black. So, today I want to give a shout out to the Tights Department. This is a specialist shop in Dublin.  It’s located on Royal Hibernian Way, just off Grafton Street in Dublin. It stocks  tights and leggings in a broad range of colours and sizes and, on my visit, the sales assistant provided knowledgable, helpful advice.

I spotted The Tights Department by accident last week and decided to have a look. My expectations were low as I entered the shop. I expected to see lots of different tights but probably no plus sizes.

I was looking for plus size navy or grey tights to wear at work. A comfortable, secure fit is important when you want to feel confident. Slipping or rolling waist bands and baggy ankles are not a good look at work. But it’s difficult to find good plus size tights in colours other than black.

Plus Size Tights Advice

At first, I thought the Tights Department didn’t have anything suitable. But when I spoke to the sales assistant, she pointed out several ranges and options. Her advice was really helpful. She was able to tell me about sizes and fits including which brands had a higher waist, which offered support or shaping and so on.

plus size tights option at Tights DepartmentI opted for grey Attiva Riposante 40 denier stretch graduated support tights by OMSA. These are easy to put on. They feel soft as well as supportive and have a comfortable, secure waist. I like them a lot and the support aspect is an unexpected benefit.

The purpose of the shout out is to acknowledge great customer service. Often, that “Can I help you?” moment is one that sends me scurrying for the exit, but The Tights Department help was excellent — practical and informative advice without a hard sell. I’m going back next week to buy more.