Weird Clicking Noise

For months I worried about a weird clicking noise in the kitchen. It sounded like a loud switch going on or off. I checked appliances. Then I plugged things out. I worried that the noise was coming from the electrical outlets and not from a device. Then I wondered if there might be a faulty plug, a faulty circuit. I just couldn’t find it. And the more time went on, the more anxious and worried I became. I wondered if I should get the house rewired. Extreme, I know. But I’m a worrier.

Then, thanks to Google, I got a hint. Someone somewhere mentioned that they had a clicking kettle. A kettle that clicked not just when it came off the boil, but later, and more than once.

Could that be my problem, I mused? Well, I am Izzy Muses after all.

This week, despite budgetary pressures, I threw austerity to the winds. Cash in hand, I went kettle shopping.

Criteria for new kettle

The criteria for the new one went something like this:

  • Quiet boil
  • Low energy
  • Soft clicking sound when turning on and off
  • Price
  • Substance over style (a handle suitable for filling a hot water bottle even if that meant compromising on good looks)

Pic of replacement kettle purchased to solve weird clicking noise in kitchenI reviewed the options — and there were many — before settling for a Morphy Richards.  Three days later and I haven’t heard that weird clicking noise since.

The old kettle is in the boot of my car pending a trip to the recycling centre. Note to self, don’t panic when you start hearing a weird clicking noise from the car.