Getting back to yoga with Vimla Lalvani

I first discovered Vimla Lalvani a few years ago when I bought one of her yoga videos from Amazon. Diets Don’t Work 2 was a gentle introduction to yoga that I selected because it seemed like a good choice for someone who was over 50 and unfit. Given the low base I was starting from, I didn’t expect to be able to learn many poses but I hoped to pick up a few techniques that would help me improve my flexibility and manage my stress.

What a surprise the video turned out to be! Vimla Lalvani is a superb teacher and I was amazed how quickly I progressed.  I learned poses that I never thought I would be able to achieve and I found that I felt taller, fitter and healthier as well as more relaxed.

Then, one evening, I found myself standing next to a lady with a yoga mat on a busy commuter train. We got chatting and it turned out that she was on her way to teach a class. I told her how I had recently discovered yoga thanks to Vimla Lalvani. The teacher immediately recognised Vimla’s name and said I was lucky to have discovered such an excellent yoga teacher by chance.

That conversation has always stayed with me and I’ve often thought about Vimla over the years. Sadly,  I lost the video and allowed my yoga practice to lapse.  Then, changes at work led to late hours at the office which, combined with a long commute, drew me back to my old inert ways.  I longed to get back to yoga but was not able to replace my Vimla Lalvani video. I purchased other DVDs and books from time to time, but none inspired me as Vimla’s had. I felt lost — too unfit to join a class and not confident enough to go back to practising yoga on my own. Every few weeks, I would search online hoping to find  a new work by Vimla.

Real Yoga by Vimla Lalvani

Then, a few weeks ago, I read that Vimla had published a guide called Real Yoga. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy and I wasn’t disappointed. Real Yoga is a well-illustrated and easy to follow guide that contains two yoga courses — one suitable for beginners and a follow up course for when you have learned the basics. It also contains advice on breathing, posture and warm up as well as some quick fixes for common ailments.

As soon as I began to work through the poses in Real Yoga, I could imagine Vimla Lalvani’s voice and even visualise in my mind’s eye some of the content from her earlier video. This time around, the years have added some additional aches and stiffness making it a bit slower to pick up the poses. But the book is easy to follow and it helps that I can imagine Vimla’s voice talking me through the moves.

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So, if like me, you’d like to get back some flexibility and enjoy the relaxation and other benefits of yoga, this book, Real Yoga by Vimla Lalvani would be a great starting point. I’d love some YouTube or Podcast audio visual material to support the text but even without that, if you want to try yoga, this is a good book to start with.

Real Yoga by Vimla Lalvani is published by Clink Street Publishing. [Disclosure: An ARC  Vimla Lalvani was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review]