Temptation in the Garden – Toxic Sweetpea

toxic SweetpeaI’d never given much thought as to whether sweetpea was toxic or not until recently.

Yours truly isn’t the first woman to be led astray by temptation in the garden. For Eve it was the apple but for me temptation came in the form of sweetpea.

The trouble started around this time last year when my neighbour presented me with a posy of sweet-scented blossom. If she can grow such beauties on the other side of our communal fence, why, though I, can’t I?

As it turns out, sweet pea is tricky enough to grow because it needs to be supported and the stems are easily broken. The plants are also thirsty which is a challenge for a lazy gardener like me who doesn’t remember to get the watering can out on a daily basis. But, despite the challenges, I’ve managed to produce five plants and a few blooms and it was all going swimmingly until earlier today when, in the midst of a tidy-up session, I spotted some pea pods on the sweet pea.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. I popped one open and within lay perfectly-formed, sweet and tender peas. Who could resist a taste?

Only after I tried them did it cross my mind that sweet pea might not be edible. A quick Google confirmed my worst fears. Toxic.

Thank goodness I’ve lived to tell the tale. Midsummer madness. Don’t try this at home girls!