Easy knitting patterns make for winter relaxation

Easy knitting patterns have always appealed to me and one of the perks of working from home is that I have more time for crafts. Now that I’m no longer a commuter, I don’t have to get up so early and that means I can stay up later to watch television and knit or crochet.

My skills are rusty so I’m concentrating on quick and easy knitting projects, often inspired by patterns that I come across on Pinterest.

One of the ones I like best is a universal yarn free pattern for a knitted cardigan/hoodie that  produces a nicely shaped result. I’ve knitted this cardigan in several different yarns and it turned out well each time. The pattern is easy to follow and easy to adjust if you want to leave out the hood or to change the cap sleeves. (I found the finished cardigan sits better on me if I carry on decreasing the sleeve down to the last stitch — so where the pattern says to reduce to 15 stitches, I continue reducing until I have just one stitch left. I then fasten this stitch off with a length of yarn.  I adjust the sleeve shaping on the back and sides to match).

easy knitting patternAnother very easy project comes as a kit from Aldi’s Kirkton House range. This includes a pattern and coloured yarns to knit a hot water bottle cover. It’s an easy pattern to follow and the coloured bands relieve the monotony of knitting every row in the same stitch.

I found there was even enough yarn left over to knit a small soft toy. Best of all, the hot water bottle cover (and the soft toy) are very quick to knit. I finished each item project in a single sitting.

Easy knitting pattern to make a doll

Incidentally, if you want to knit the doll, here’s how to do it: using double knitting or aran yarn, cast on 32 stitches. Knit 4 or 6 rows for the feet. Then knit 14 rows for the legs; then knit 12 rows for the chest; then knit 12 rows for the head; then knit 4 or 6 rows for the hat. I decrease on the last two rows of the hat by knit 1, knit two together, repeat to the last stitch, knit 1. Repeat this row once. Then cast off.

To make up join the top and side seam, Stuff through the opening at the bottom then join the bottom seam. Next, stitch a vertical seam from the middle of the bottom row (the feet) to about 3 rows from the top of the trousers. This makes the legs. Next, stitch two vertical rows to make the arms. Finally, stitch on the mouth and eyes.

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I also like to add a little scarf to give the head a bit more definition. And, on the example illustrated, I used up the last of the blue yarn by crocheting a small hat.

I’m pretty pleased with the finished product but not yet sufficiently confident to attempt more ambitious projects — like knitting the royal family, for example!

My plan is to carry on knitting and I’ve persuaded a couple of friends to join me. When we have enough stock, we plan to take a stand at a  local craft fair and sell some of our wares. We won’t make a fortune but we might make enough to treat ourselves to a night out on the proceeds!