A chance to meet some Irish beauty bloggers

From time to time Irish beauty bloggers get the chance to sample skincare and makeup they might not otherwise come across and I was lucky enough to get introduced to some new brands — well, new to me — at the Irish Bloggers Conference back in June. I’ve enjoyed trying them out over the last couple of weeks. Here’s my lowdown on the makeup samples.

Physicians Formula

Irish beauty bloggers sample Physicians FormulaPhysicians Formula is a range designed for sensitive skin. I’ve been sampling their mineral wear powder/foundation and am really liking the compact it comes in which has a separate compartment to keep your brush clean. If you’re a mineral powder foundation wearer then you know that the powders can be a bit messy. This one is no exception and as soon as  you swipe your brush across the surface of the product, you’re going to end up with loose powder so go gently. That said, I figured out that if you brush very gently and then put the brush sideways and flat on the surface of the powder, you can absorb most of the loose powder before closing your compact. It seems no matter what mineral powder you opt for, there’s  a knack in learning to manage the dispenser and the quest for the perfect compact is one I’ve been on for quite some time. The Physicians Formula compact isn’t perfect, but it is a pretty good contender. I like it.

We also got a sample of the Physicians Formula Super BB Concealer. This comes in a lipstick-style barrel with an integrated brush at the end and the product is dispensed by twisting the lid of the container. I really like using this — a little goes a very long way and it’s easy to apply and blend. Also, it has moisturising elements which is important for more mature (dry) skin like mine.

I would definitely consider purchasing both products in future.


WetnWild is another range I hadn’t come across until now although it’s a well known brand to some Irish beauty bloggers. I got a sample of one of the WetnWild megaslicks balm stains — a tinted lip balm — that comes in the form of a chubby pencil but feels surprisingly moisturising when you apply it. The shade I tried — E129 (nudist colony) — is neutral on the lip and I like how it feels.

From the wetnwild range I also got an idolise shadow pencil — a cream eyeshadow that is easy to apply and blend and that could work as an eyeliner if you have a steady enough hand. Also in the bag was an eyeliner pencil in a nice sky blue shade (E654B) that glides on easily and is exactly the colour I would choose for myself when I want to make my green eyes ‘pop.


The award-winning Irish brand, Fuschia also provided samples for Irish beauty bloggers at the conference. I’m liking the colour selection in their eyeshadow Nudes Palette. The mix of shades is good and the paler shades are  useful for brightening up a more mature eyelid. Although they are powder shadows, they don’t accentuate ‘creepiness’ on the eyelid and I like the soft, natural look that is achieved by applying lightly with a good brush. The Nudes Palette also includes some darker shades and one of the tricks I’ve learned over the years is that a dark eyeshadow can be used to define the eyebrow. The trick is to apply with a good brush and a light hand for a natural look.

There weren’t too many Irish beauty bloggers at the conference aged  50+  so I was surprised to find that the makeup samples worked so well on my mature skin. Of all the products I sampled, the one I liked best was the Physicians Formula Super BB Concealer because of the neat, stylish applicator but I’m using most of the samples I was given and it’s definitely given me an appetite to experiment more widely. It’s never too late to teach an old beauty blogger new tricks!