Being the Boss of Me — Another Major Midlife Change

Boss of Me | “Cartoon Smart Girl In Business Uniform With Folded Arms” by iosphere.
“Cartoon Smart Girl In Business Uniform With Folded Arms” by iosphere.

It’s been while since I blogged about day-to-day matters here at and, ironically, the reason for my absence is because so much has happened in the last six months.

Looking back, I guess I’d been planning to make a major change for a long time. So long, in fact, that close friends doubted I would ever give up the certainty of a monthly pay check in favour of the uncertainty of self-employment. But a girl gets just one life, and if this girl was ever going to start her own business, it had to be now. So, here I am ready, willing and able for the very first time to become the boss of me.

How people react when I tell them I want to become the boss of me

“You’re so brave,” is the most common reaction I’ve had since I made my announcement.

Hmmm. “Brave” isn’t the word I’d choose for myself. “Scared” or “Excited”, maybe and  definitely “Exhausted” are all closer to the mark.

Exhaustion is a nuisance and a definite downside of being on the wrong side of fifty. But, apart from that, maturity is mostly an advantage. It means that I have buckets of experience, loads of contacts and enough saved to see me through a few months of not earning should the worst come to the worst.

So that’s the reason I’ve been missing in action for so long.  I’m not quite ready yet to share the details of my new venture yet but I do plan to do a little more musing here in the coming months.

Thanks for looking in today and if you want to keep tabs on my progress, check back again soon or follow @IzzyMuses on Twitter.