Weird Clicking Noise

For months I worried about a weird clicking noise in the kitchen. It sounded like a loud switch going on or off. I checked appliances. Then I plugged things out. I worried that the noise was coming from the electrical outlets and not from a device. Then I wondered if there might be a faulty plug, a faulty circuit. I just couldn’t find it. And the more time went on, the more anxious and worried I became. I wondered if I should get the house rewired. Extreme, I know. But I’m a worrier.

Then, thanks to Google, I got a hint. Someone somewhere mentioned that they had a clicking kettle. A kettle that clicked not just when it came off the boil, but later, and more than once.

Could that be my problem, I mused? Well, I am Izzy Muses after all.

This week, despite budgetary pressures, I threw austerity to the winds. Cash in hand, I went kettle shopping.

Criteria for new kettle

The criteria for the new one went something like this:

  • Quiet boil
  • Low energy
  • Soft clicking sound when turning on and off
  • Price
  • Substance over style (a handle suitable for filling a hot water bottle even if that meant compromising on good looks)

Pic of replacement kettle purchased to solve weird clicking noise in kitchenI reviewed the options — and there were many — before settling for a Morphy Richards.  Three days later and I haven’t heard that weird clicking noise since.

The old kettle is in the boot of my car pending a trip to the recycling centre. Note to self, don’t panic when you start hearing a weird clicking noise from the car.

Author: IzzyMuses

Izzy Muses is an Irish blogger focusing on beauty and skincare, fashion, health, and women's issues topics of interest to women aged over 50. Readers enjoy her light humour and gentle take on life.