Arch support footwear | Earth Spirit Sandals | Review

Arch support footwear | Pic of Earth Spirit sandals

Arch support footwear has become more important to me since I turned 50. So, when I  heard that Earth Spirit sandals come with inbuilt arch support, I was immediately interested. I sussed them out online and decided to try the Arlington range. What I like about these sandals is that all the straps are adjustable which means you can get a really secure fit on your foot. They’re also supposed to be good if you like walking.

Earth Spirit sizing

Online reviews suggest that the Earth Spirit sizing comes up small and I tend to agree. I usually wear size 6 (European size 39) and debated about whether to size up when placing my order for the Arlington sandals.

Fortunately, I found a pair of size 5 sandals in my local TK Maxx and, having tried them on, I was fairly confident a 6 would be right for me.  The sandals arrived today and I got away with it, but only just. TK Maxx also had an Earth Spirit court shoe in stock. I tried on the size 6 and found it just a little too short so I recommend going up a size if you’re at all in doubt. Even though I’m happy with the sandals, I’d probably go up a size if I was ordering another pair.


Compared to my other arch support footwear, the support in the Arlington sandals is more discreet but it seems to do the trick. I wore them on a long walk across uneven surfaces and they performed extremely well. They’re secure and comfortable and provide good cushioning from stones and gravel underfoot.


The sandals I purchased were on sale and cost just over 50 euro. In Ireland, the Earth Spirit range is available from Debenhams and, at the time of writing, some TK Maxx stores also have limited stock.

Arch Support Footwear Six Week Update

Although the Earth Spirit sandals were initially comfortable, it turns out that there are a few snags. Here are the main ones:

Uneven wear on heel of arch support sandal
Left side of high sandal has worn down much more than the right side.
Crack in heel of arch support footwear
After 6 weeks of occasional wear, there’s a crack in the heel of my Earth Spirit sandal.
  • The stitching around the padding under the ball of the foot and at the heel tends to rub on longer walks
  • The heel bed is too wide (at least for me). This means that my heel slides around in the sandals. It is particularly noticeable when walking on uneven surfaces. This puts a strain on my ankle. So much so that I now avoid wearing the sandals when walking.
  • The heel area on one sandal has cracked (as illustrated).
  • The heels wore down rapidly and unevenly. This cancels out the benefit of the arch support and puts a strain on my ankle.


While these Earth Spirit sandals were initially comfortable and provided some arch support, they wore down rapidly. On balance, given the price, I expected better durability. For that reason, I will check the construction much more carefully before purchasing from this range of arch support footwear again.

Author: IzzyMuses

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