Buying and assembling IKEA Billy Bookshelves

Have you ever wanted IKEA bookshelves but been put off buying them because of the hassle of getting them home and assembling them?

IKEA opened in Ireland in 2009. Like most people, I’d heard a lot about them before the store arrived. And, before long, I’d paid a visit but I couldn’t get my head around having to choose items, then find them in a vast warehouse, then get them into the car and then assemble them myself at home. So, much as I longed for Billy bookcases, it took a long time before I got around to purchasing them.

Well, that’s all changed now. On my last visit, I took the plunge and purchased:

  • 1 Billy book case 80x28x202cm
  • 2 Billy book cases 40x28x202 cm
  • 1 Gnedby shelving unit (for CDs)
  • 2 Oxberg doors 40×97 cm
  • 1 packet Billy galvanised corner fittings

I paid an additional fee for the ‘picking’ service so as to avoid traipsing around the warehouse myself and I also paid to have the items delivered. Yes, that added to the cost of the shelves but there’s no way I could have lifted them by myself and even if I had somehow got them into the car, I wouldn’t have been able to take them out when I got home.

I was also prepared to pay for assembly and asked about it. But, since you just get the names of some local service providers in your area and then have to contact them separately, I figured I’d work out how to assemble the bookshelves once I got them home. The main thing was to get them delivered.

I was impressed that the delivery was fast. I got my order within a couple of days despite being outside the main delivery area. Also, helpfully, the sales assistant told me to pick up one of the doors myself. That kept the value of the delivery below a certain cost point and saved me money so it was worth the (fairly minimal) hassle.

While I was waiting for the delivery, I had a look on YouTube for Billy bookcase unpacking and assembly videos. These were really useful. They gave me the confidence to have a go at assembling the units myself and they also helped me avoid mistakes.

Pic of assembling IKEA Billy Bookshelves
The Finished bookshelves with the Gnedsky CD unit in the corner and doors fitted on the bottom half of the wider book case.

To my amazement, I found that assembling IKEA Billy bookshelves was feasible without any assistance. In all, I had purchased 4 units — a large book case with half doors, 2 narrower book cases and a CD shelving unit which I used as the corner unit. Putting them together took me 5 hours all together and was a lot easier than I had anticipated. The instructions say you need two people — and it would probably be helpful to have a second person — but I managed fine on my own.

I’m very pleased with the finished shelving. It’s exactly what I needed and it was surprisingly easy once I got over the mental hurdle of placing the order.

Author: IzzyMuses

Izzy Muses is an Irish blogger focusing on beauty and skincare, fashion, health, and women's issues topics of interest to women aged over 50. Readers enjoy her light humour and gentle take on life.