Quitting the Day Job – The First 30 Days. Day 1

Quitting the day job is not to be taken lightly, at least not by a risk-averse woman like myself. But almost everyone I met since I decided to become my own boss has told me I won’t regret it. I guess now I’m about to find out if they’re right.

Image by jesadaphorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image by jesadaphorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Officially yesterday was my first day as a free agent.

It started as I mean to continue. Yoga. One of my immediate goals is to take better care of myself physically now that I have the freedom to set my own schedule and yoga each morning is a key part of the plan.

Then it was breakfast. Scrambled eggs with fresh parsley and chives from the garden. Home cooked breakfast is the new dining out for me — at least until I secure a new income stream.

After breakfast, time to catch up on email and sort out a to-do list for the next few days. There’s a lot of practical one-off stuff to be done but nothing much can be done until after the weekend.

Then it time to glam up and get ready for the Irish Bloggers Conference at Dublin’s Radisson Hotel in Smithfield.  This was my first ever blogger conference and I felt like I’d found my natural home.  Loads of speakers, all of them bloggers, and all of them successful but in very different ways. The first speaker, Rob Lipsett of Rob Lipsett Fitness quit a job to set up his business and has never looked back. His story resonated strongly with me because I’m in the process of making that leap and it was very encouraging to listen to him. I also loved writer and broadcaster Barbara Scully‘s presentation — a tour de force of energy and confidence. Mary Carty, CEO of the Digital Media Agency, spoiltchild.com brought a tear to my eyes when she talked about the need to get more girls involved in science and technology. Mary is promoting Outbox Incubator, the first Incubator for girls in STEM.

The audience was mostly female with lots of fashion and beauty bloggers in particular. The atmosphere was friendly and electric. Never before have I heard so many speakers elicit cheers from the floor, never before have I seen so many speakers get multiple rounds of applause. I couldn’t have picked a more inspiring event for my first day after quitting the day job.

It was late by the time I got home. A few quick phone calls and then I took the rest of night off. Time for a well-earned glass of wine and a rummage through the conference goodie bag which was crammed with lovely makeup products.

Seriously, if every day was like today, I can see why the self-employed have no regrets. I’ve a feeling it’s going to get a lot more serious next week though.

More anon.


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