Random moments in the life of Izzy Muses

Izzy MusesI started blogging as Izzy Muses in 2009.

There’s a point in life when many of us turn into our mothers. We catch ourselves discussing topics we used to laugh about like comfortable shoes or the tablets we’re taking. Occasionally, we complain about how life is changing and despair of the young. We worry about getting older and feel sad for the loss of our parents’ generation. This blog covers those topics.

It’s also about the things that I discuss over coffee with friends — home, life, food, fashion, health, beauty and occasionally work. Sometimes I write about the funny things that happen day to day, sometimes about sad moments and sometimes lessons learned.

Izzy Muses is a character that I invented as a creative outlet, an escape from the day job.  Over time, the persona evolved and today the blog covers a broader range of topics than it did back in 2009. Occasionally I review products or services but not for payment. You can find out more about that in my disclosure statement.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and the random musing of Izzy Muses.